Tailor Made Group Wilderness Adventures

Changing hearts and relationships through outdoor adventure in wilderness settings is our specialty. We tailor make a course to fit your group's needs. Whether you desire to build a stronger team, take relationships deeper, focus on spiritual growth in Jesus, or develop personal character, we can create an adventure for you. Any age, any group.

Adventures & Activities

We can mix and match many wilderness activities to make a true adventure. Choose from rock climbing, rappelling, backpacking, natural history, day hikes, mountaineering/peak climbing, caving, snowshoeing, canyoneering, low and high rope course activities, initiative and team building games, volunteer work and mission projects, and a few other surprises. Experience is not required as participants will receive basic instruction in each activity, and the difficulty will be adjusted to the capability of the group. Even trips for the handicapped are available. Safety and low environmental impact are of highest priority. All activities are not ends in themselves, but are used to develop spiritual and relational growth.

Course Areas: Sierra Nevada Mountains & California Desert Regions

Adventure locations vary from beautifully peaceful to ruggedly spectacular. Where we take your group may depend upon the time of year, the length of your trip, and the activities you'd like to experience. Most adventures end up in the Southern or Central Sierra in one of the many National Forests, Parks, or Wilderness Areas of that region. In the winter or spring we can take you high into the snow, out into the uniquely beautiful California desert, or to the quiet cottonwood and chaparral canyons of the Santa Barbara backcountry. We operate under special-use permit in all areas requiring such (Sequoia & Inyo Nat'l Forests, Sequoia & Kings Canyon Nat'l Parks, California Desert BLM). Want a course in a different state or country? Let's talk!

Group Size: A minimum of five paying participants are needed to schedule a trip. If the group size is larger than 12, the group may be split into separate teams (required in some wilderness locations).

Contract: A simple two page contract must be signed to reserve trip dates.

Medical Forms: All participant medical forms must be turned into our office no later than two weeks before the trip starts.

Gear: Sea & Summit will provide backpacks, sleeping bags, and other camping/climbing gear. Participants are responsible for bring clothing and personal items as described on the Packing List. Groups larger than 26 may need to acquire or rent additional gear.

Food: All food is provided once at the course area. This usually means lunch or dinner on the first day through lunch on the last day. Meals "on the road" (i.e., fast food) will be paid for by you or the participants. The participants are expected to participate in all cooking and cleanup.

Transportation: The participants/group are responsible for getting to and from the course site. We will provide maps and directions.

Length: Half day to three weeks
Cost: $70 per person per day, depending on the location. $35 per half day.

Additional costs may apply for courses outside of California.

Deposit & Balance:
20% deposit of the total fees is due in order to reserve trip dates. The deposit becomes non-refundable at 60 days before the trip starts.
40% of the total is due two weeks before the trip starts (non-refundable).
The remainder of the balance is due the day the trip starts.

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